Body Doubling

Body doubling is like having a productivity buddy and is often used by people who are neurodivergent. It's all about having someone around while you work to keep you on track and minimize distractions.  In an office environment, this could be having someone sit alongside you- but not distract you. When working from home - or even from the office - you can join the Fudgelling Body Doubling Sessions hosted via Zoom to encourage and support you to focus on some deep work, with no distractions.

Hosted by Steph - and her many pets- each Body Doubling session allows you to  start one hour of focused work. 

Each session starts with setting your intentions, and ends with a moment of reflection and celebration. 
We'll never put you in breakout rooms or ask you to speak to the group. Fudgelling Body Doubling is a calm space for focused work.

We won't store your personal details, or bombard you with emails either. Each calendar month, you can pay just £5 for access to the Body Doubling calendar