I'm an open book when it comes to the products I use and love. Explore this page for a complete list of my favourites—I don't keep secrets. 
Some links may be affiliate links, which means I may receive a small benefit should you decide to purchase any items. This helps to maintain this website and blog. Thanks! 

Cleaning + Laundry

  • Koh Cleaning all surfaces
  • Smol Laundry detergent on subscription through your letterbox!

Food + Drink

As you're all aware, I am a sober woman (hooray). I am also a busy woman, healing my relationship with food. The following products help me to live healthily, happily, eat well, efficiently and fill my belly with deliciousness!

Home + Balcony

I share 33sqm with two crazy kitties and so the use of space has been carefully considered to allow for maximum play time and hobby engagement without feeling like I live in a bedroom. I took a lot of inspiration in designing the layout of this apartment from watching the Never Too Small series on YouTube.

Cats + Kitties

Living in a small apartment requires creative solutions to keep the cats entertained. On top of regular playing, and making the most of vertical space available, these toys and treats keep my kitties happy.

Productivity Tools

  • Sembly AI: Records your meetings, writes up meeting notes, transcribes all speakers voices and creates To Do's from each virtual meeting.
  • A simple rotary timer. This looks sleek, and can be used to set timers for up to 100 mins. Great for the pomodoro technique! 
  • Notion Welcome to my second brain!