Welcome to Fudgelling. A new, independent lifestyle and story telling blog run from my campervan. 

Fudgel, appearently,is an 18th century word which means to pretend to do work when you are in fact not doing anything. It is not mentioned in any dictionary, unless of course you count Urban Dictionary, and I do.

The idea for this blog came whilst I was bored at one of my many previous short-lived jobs, and I wasn't even Fudgelling! (more on that later) Nonetheless, it got me thinking; Who decides what is productive? Who knows what is benefitial to me? Why must we separate work from play? Why does boredom even exist? And so, like any other millennial starting a blog, I named it something ironic. 

Fudgelling (the blog, not the word) isn't about not working, its about combatting boredom. Although should you wish to read this whilst pretending to send that invoice-be my guest! Fudgelling is about happiness and fulfilment, truth and curiosity, provoking thought and being an engaged citizen. Welcome to Fudgelling.